That morning he had an altercation with his mother on dreams. He said after all these are dreams and why are you so energetic to satisfy them as they are just dreams. Mom chuckled and looking down from the patio[ he had gone to her room, for tea] said, in the event that it is a fantasy, we ought not to quit envisioning but rather should have more dreams or greater dreams and enable others to be a part of those fantasies. I told her that it is a reverberation of Proust and she chuckled again and told – so what- we have same perspectives, once in a while, and giggled again. This was typical of her. She would resolve any circumstance successfully. Once my dad recounted a tale about her in a scene that happened in the main days of marriage. Since their wedding was not affirmed by the community, they needed to escape for one year and return. With them, there was an assistant of the father, a well padded old respectable man who was having a colossal mustache and in any organization, he caused doubt. At the interstate function, the security asked who that old man with him was. Father in all innocence[ he won’t utter lies] was thinking to tell that it was his companion, yet mother intervened like lighting – he is a relative. That settled the case and they got entry into the other domain. Since relatives are permitted to be of any ethnic highlights and you can easily carry a relative with you. Since he isn’t here, as they separated not rapidly but rather after such a significant number of years of conjugal felicity and mother has been distant from everyone else to bring him up, holding up at the school premises, at 3 o’clock when his classes are finished and send him to the tuition teacher with snacks in his tiffin box and again backpedal to her work.Some of his peers ridiculed when she came because she had a habit of chewing betel leaves and keeping the mouth red, which was extremely normal in the town where she grew up and presumably she contracted it from her own mama or grandmother. Now mama still could not overlook the anguish of that bruise that occurred in the middle age because of father’s bust-up. They studied together in the same university, that was a haven of mavericks and bragged of having one of the few mixed hostels in the country. In the initial stages of their connection, father asked her- Which is the best work of Dostoevsky? -[ as reported by her]. ‘Idiot’, mama perceived. You are right, father stated. Evidently, he also deemed so. They were having a rally to the city plaza in protest to some statutes that impaired water supply. Mama told later that reading the same books and attending identical conferences and relishing similar cuisine are not foundations of a successful wedlock. You should have that heart to forfeit, to do it for love, at least for the relationship’s sake. Which in those of days, she was not willing to do and the matrimony ended and she was not to be entirely indicted for it. Father could not extricate himself from his de Quincey caprices…… Now, she was obviously fresh from a good sleep. She was detected of fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia (FM) is a medical condition characterized by recurrent extensive pain and an enhanced pain response to pressure. Other symptoms include tiredness to a level that regular activities are affected, or sleep difficulties, and difficulties with memory. Fibromyalgia is commonly connected with depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress dysfunction. The cause of fibromyalgia is unexplored, still, it is understood to comprise a sequence of genetic and environmental factors. After the recent test with the physician she has been keen on her sleep habits – Earlier she would guzzle red wine and read till midnight or compose her own tune, some of which are sound quality stuff, but she is not interested in making an album. She said it is to unleash her demons, not for other design. But you must incorporate others into your dream, he said. I am already doing so, she said- Yesterday, I came from Calcutta. She was, he remembered, speaking about the private charities she has been performing- Yes, without publicity. Presently she watches out into the cloudy precipices and there was a waterway that was provided in all seasons, in light of the stream from the summit. He said to her- I am busy with work- She took a gander at his face. He knew the significance of that since she had disclosed to him when his first film venture fizzled that, you can increase less from diligent work than getting to be plainly aware of your identity, who you really are in the universe, and that time, you get numerous helpers.

-–  [From a work in progress]