From a long drawn repose which he thought lasted for centuries when Stephen awoke from his slumber, he deemed for the first time in his life that he was missing clutch of it. The last couple of days were not euphoric anyhow. They are too intimate to pass a judgment. He saw the edge of it and the energetic phase of the early twenties as an aficionado of football courses and the person who ached for all the veritable young women in the group and envisioned that all were imagining on him.They are not further in his cluttered brain. Finally, the report came that its contents he couldn’t predict. Moreover, during the last two nights, they tufted his body close to a stack of sustenance and four or five men garnered his hands immovably and they recounted that his lamentations could be listened in the whole specialist’s facility and in the neighboring zone. Still, it was seen as a severe loss of potassium. The decline of potassium, they said impacts patients in diverse ways. Likewise, the therapist arrived and chatted with him and asked the quintessential questions. Where are you now Stephen? He answered that he is hopefully in a cabin in Amsterdam, generous Amsterdam, and the specialist told that he was not looking dainty indeed. By then, he came into awareness – The second inquiry, did you see a dream or hear a voice. No, he said. In conclusion, when he had grown into complete discernment, he told the expert that what he knew the other did not know and what the other knew he didn’t have the foggiest idea. The session finished that way. The veteran did not return. In the college, what havoc he wrought in the female consciousness, in spite of all those sugary articulations. That young lady whom he prized was adored by another and it was reciprocal and finally, he lost the race, if you deem it that way. This inspired him to go to the deep seas picking up his father’s fishing industry and see more of azure waters than human faces. He lay supine in the angling watercraft that looked more like a ship, impulsive and vindictive and at times gloomy in weird mornings after a hangover, never discovering his niche in the vast globe and its profound seas that he thought failed to accommodate his frame. When the huge fishes would catch on the harpoon, he was seeing a face in oblivious blue waters and a luscious voice and he couldn’t understand whether it was authentic or imaginary. Moreover, he was malevolent when he got the tremendous net and had colossal contracts, and he told his father that he would not like to marry and he will be a monk. Yet, his father offered that alliance and he submitted to that since he trusted his father greatly and everything obscured as time went on, and his loved one, he appreciated so much in that intimacy. But when his eldest son began emulating his heydays of debauchery, he was dismayed and lost many nights’ sleep. He knew that after a few theatres and crapulences it would subside. Yet he was as of now more patient, acting like a cleric, never unforgiving and constantly understanding the human frailty which is an inborn nature, and the fact that every human is conceived to err and to fall is mortal nature, or else he didn’t require the stay of that planet to correct that delicacy, or he would be somewhither . At last, he napped in a significant rest under the sweat of his loved one’s pieces of raiment and he was alleviated with concern. Now the nurse came and collected his blood specimen for another examination. The air outside the transom was coming over from a foggy firmament and he succeeded to exercise a few strides and went straight to the peephole and explored the segment of pine trees and the amaranth woods, pseudocereals, with its compact reddish clumps of tiny blossoms that appeared to be there only for him. Yes, just for his survey and rejoinder. However, what a brilliant day! Regardless, he isn’t as youthful as was in Amsterdam when he advanced to that taxing night, lost himself in an erratic shimmer-From there he had reached a far extent. However, see now that his uncommon daze arises not for his son’s debaucheries which he hoped would settle one glorious day, but from his youngest daughter, and thinking of that a catch proceeds from his heart region, and he gulped a glass of icy water speedily and he would have acquited if she aspired to be a dancing girl or a starlet, but see now to his terminal catastrophe, she wants to be a nun.

– -[ From a book of fiction in progress]





























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