He was in the third story of the building when the early light fell into his room. Moreover, he didn’t essentially review how he reached this story. He has seriously tanked the dusk previously and his friend came from Romani, a sculptor mostly made works on oak and cast iron in the style of Constantin Brâncuși but after a few shows in Europe , liked to stay alone, but meanwhile married an Asian lady who was also a sculptor and they sojourned a few kilometers away from Cholamandalam, near the sea….. Once in a while, they went to the Bay of Bengal to view the surroundings but here was attracted to a shrine in the coastal Tamil Nadu dedicated to Virgin Mary and since they had no children, prayed and got a child. The iconoclastic husband told that it was just chance, as the human body is a bundle of miracles and possibilities like any other subject that comes under our observation, but the happy woman believed that it was the consequence of that prayer. In her dwelling, there was a scriptural book and the members kissed the Virgin’s picture which was more in the form of a princess than a common pious lady, and the children, [ she had another child after a few years] approved it, the command of their mother, scrupulously, though the agnostic husband was spared from all these and left at midnight……. They had a social function at the city lodging. He holds the title of that resort. In his school times, it was his dream to start a gigantic spa. Also, he could have indulgence halt and jazz and bluegrass music and unending beverages in the cafeteria. Also, he aspired to fix a ton of lavish stuff and he presumed that individuals will lean toward him if he is affluent.And the people will concede however crazy his discussion is, as he is the titleholder of the entire set up. Yet it was just a wild thought of his ridiculous self, which tended to forsake him at the most pivotal moments. For example, the scene at the roadside cafeteria when he tried to hold a many with his old muscle power which was already weaning. Youth comes only once, but a man ought to learn from his follies every now and then, till the whole life is a book to learn, see the reflection of oneself in the other. The same passions, the same misken selves, the same chase after dreams, loose parlances, eulogies, tributes, small exploits of kindness and so on.We are not even the representatives of our own folk but a representative of our own good selves lived and molded under pleasure and pain. Who said it, he thought, maybe his father, or uncle, or he might have heard it at a cultural meet after they all drank and did not grasp what they were chatting about, or perhaps in the conference of women poets of the country which he attended at one of the rear rows. ..and he later felt contrite about the whole scene. The general culture at the bar was very brisk and sound and two or three of them were extremely dynamic in the nearby causes and some very blunt in broad daylight about working environment misuse, and a working couple was a journalist and photographer, bringing up their children in splendidly special ways , and when his automobile was passing the route, he saw the woman tending to the group with incredible eagerness. He stopped the auto and took a survey at the speaker and realized that it as his deputy, and she additionally looked as though stirred by a concealed coercion, and both distinguished each other, yet at the workplace, did not address about it.He was pondering about how below his very bill he got such preposterous and defiant people, however more skillful than him. In the interim, he weighed keenly about his faculties, which he didn’t develop even after a few endeavors of his dad. He just acquired a tremendous proposal and a misusing propensity which was not, however good basically… He didn’t build up any of his abilities and perceived with the stun that at the closing minute he will significantly repine for that…But his sibling, however, transformed into an excellent chorister, obviously with a great deal of pulling up of strings. His mom in that last stages of sickness, out of obligation in the upper room with a bunch of religious flyers and looking sluggishly outside the cross-section…His friend arrived in the morning from the port city and narrated to him-.I will dazzle you with measure, acrobatics and melody, humor and juggling, cantos and all that is gratifying for refined humours,and also the mild contests of a village cycle acrobat [which was attended with father at fourth standard]and in the afternoon he purchased me, the first book, ‘Children’s Tagore’ and it was a festival day and we bought a big jackfruit from the market and shouldered it home…dear, that was a journey of five miles on foot!…..There was a bottle on the mesa with a grey design and a spike that resembled a gooseberry. Because the bottle was made in a region where gooseberry shrubs are closer. It was an intoxicant that he never used but a present esteemed by some of his other friends and he thought that when they arrive in the next vacation he can celebrate a feast with it and later take a stroll in the theme park and the mountain ridges, and perhaps they could see a pair of stag or doe and shoot photographs. His friend had a whole collection of animal photographs and his wife joked that he loved them more than human beings, which perhaps was genuine, seeing some of his depressive moods, and the last outburst in September that all his values on life are false or rather changing and he is going to start everything from the scratch as if like small schoolboy into the first lessons of language….. And his mother in the room in the balcony by the pet patio. and the view of the garden of coconut palms, and jackfruit trees and the mango trees…..His nephew came from Università della Calabria and they talked much at night together sharing the accounts of jokes and escapades of boyhood, when he was staying with her and attending a local school, all by candlelight—–In the morning she woke up and said of a dream of a judge who had a crown made of jasper–reddish-brown semi-precious stone consisting of a variety of chalcedony, walking on the esplanade at surfers’ haven with an accompaniment of the music of Rachmaninov and the sound of ballet steps of blithe dancers.That was the last day of her life…..

——[From a work of FICTION that is in progress]















Her closest friend was Liz Sebastian, a young lady who began from Northumberland and had a little cleavage between her front teeth. She used to keep running with her for supper that was served outside the lobby when it was stacked with visitors. Mary’s family was scattered after her father’s death.He was in truth away as a rule of her initial youth. His stay in various European urban groups was profitable in a budgetary sense however far from that it included quite a while of sadness to her mother…. She was far off from every other person or either with her mother at Connecticut as a general rule her senior sister being hitched and was away and far in another state passing by at Christmas or Easter. However, her mother kept the house impeccable and arranged just as she expected the passage of her better half at whatever point. The blinds were of the shade of Patriarch. The stack of the lounge chair was either sandy beat or sheen green dependent upon the slant of her mother…. At whatever point she saw those tones additionally not far off, they evoked the memories of her youth. Her kin married a lady of Asian dive and was in Burma, staying in one of the towns by the Salween and the family’s contact with him was generally through letters.It was a good time of delight night. She supported a shade of pale carmine than dull. Tears dropped from her eyes without her knowing it, she couldn’t correctly recall the causes, it was all pearl aqua….cornflower blue, pale cyan, pale magenta pink, pale taupe, the colour of Patriarch, pearl aqua, persimmon, pistachio, prune, redwood, sage, sandy beat, sangria, sheen green…From the parlor entered a brawny man who passed on a thick record of report pulled under his armpit and releasing at steady between times to dispose of some not too beguiling thought. Two marble statues, of primitive shades, were in the alley near the garden entrance. had a sparkling color of marble and in the inward room which was just a side passage far from the place visitors sat, his dad rested day and night and further days into seasons and all the spring and the seasons. Day and night Outfitted towards the hopelessness individuals, to whom he needed altogether to offer support. The individual had estimations of Thorazine ….Her mother worked as a beautician in state recovery concentration wards. He had a big car which she used sparingly, only for Sunday visit to the church and other more important acts. Her sisters were both bipolar, yet were as time goes on cured by medications and activities, she emulated energetic exercise design-…..Cassandra was the first to respond to the inquiries of the director as she was not in a penchant for persevering pointless pokers for a long time and before Jeanne could interfere and close things down… and the past would turn up and cut things abruptly and all over egotistically. Regardless, the intriguing thing was that the other saw his oversight much of the time and pulled once again from also hitting into -they utilized wet established cover, paraldehyde to rest around evening time. ….There were three of them in that room. All in different times of youth. Martin was the eldest in his late twenties who all finished gone about as a father figure, which gave him an extraordinary kind of fulfillment. In truth, Martin had no memory of his father as he got out that country instantly after he was found irresolute in his work and the private insurance where he worked preferred young people who were ready to work on lower salary. Finally, after sweating for many years, he found himself not able to rise to the company’s standards and found that he could not meet the targets in time. The superior was, in fact, his junior some time ago, but since he denied a promotion, he was asked to remain in the low rung and finally this man became his boss at work, and after assuming that position, he started changing his ways. So many threaten in a short time. Moreover, he developed a kidney problem in the recent years and a stone appeared in one of them causing much pain and concern, and slowly periods of rest and relaxation, started to be less conspicuous, though at times he craved them badly and more. And there was no data on his family threads except that his mom was an accomplice in a company run by a private group of bankers who charged heavy interests on small sums and the repayment options were quite strict that unless you pay the dues in time, they will get away with your valuables, and they retained a whole retinue of forces for that purpose. There she met her future husband who became his father.In a diary of his late father which he unearthed in a glorious moment when old papers were sorted out and the useless items were sent to fire- Here he got a very valuable treasure, his father’s old diaries of youth, not all those years, but about two and a half years when he lived liberally out of his youthful depths. Then he met his mother. There was the address of the hotels and even some hotel bills at the end of the book, old, torn and somewhat dirty, still easily comprehensive and clear.Deolali- September 2- !94-who was the pioneer of that division. Martin would never modify with his stepfather, however, the last was to some degree worried over his attempts. As a general rule one even engaged him in his baseball matches. In any case, Martin anticipated that would remain in a lodge three dynamic years from his family and in that period he got hard drinking. In the first place it began as a framework, yet later it formed into a liking from which he couldn’t be free away himself completely. …….Summer was over. He was displayed with respect to what was happening. Enable it to travel everywhere. He is not bothered concerning the result. This was sensibly an assurance, he comprehended that exceptionally well. The brilliance that was impacting in her eyes that was more similar to an idea overall than anything unconstrained. The eye-lashes that meticulously moved incidentally. Maybe for a moment, she disregarded that she was a man with all the versatility that the Eternal Giver gave her at the time of first involvement with the world that must be blocked from guaranteeing in her passing. What a reasonable plan to oversee us forever, particularly every so often of emergency. She once on her strolls attempted to analyze a stray canine’s eyes, a puppy that was resting gently close to the way of a building and trying to see whether the look in it passed on any noteworthiness…….It was a hard summer and sweltering, particularly sweltering and the general open in their clothing got themselves sprinkled in the seat and they couldn’t free themselves from the aroma reminiscent of the bits of dress that made them irritable. There was a social event beginning from the northern end of the market and each and every one of the far-reaching bunch who came there talked in an enthralling tongue and their improvements had that secured limit that found anybody seeing from far and made them curious of the secured data. It must be another style of lack of sleep that particular their friends and family could change over into assurance. …….The largeness of such an affiliation is attempting and one can’t put stock in any such thing from the base. Well take some drive, whatever came later and discovered strong, take them. While taking them, offer significant thanks to them. Mary was restricted in the battle; she somehow got a kick out of the opportunity to watch the scene from the division. Accurately when the official came, everything will be settled……Liz was by no amped accessible all. She required adaptability; opportunity from the grip of the elderly who she recognized impacted her to do work that is underneath her regard levels. She attempted to revolt against it all, however unsuccessfully and her exercises were captivating yet clear to the all-inclusive community who knew her vigorously. She, not the scarcest piece expected that would open her inner feelings to anybody in the universe, not to her sister who was only a year higher situating than her.She, genuinely hated these individuals, these people from her family who according to her choice where one broad gathering of fakes, thriving in the difficulties of others. ……….They as demonstrated by her contemplations did not respect any living being, not even themselves. They were all the once massive bundle of worry warts offering other’s residual parts and making a few bucks there. When, she cried to her class teacher that she couldn’t have cared for her family, especially her mother and the best way to deal with overseeing have a splendid life is to act in opposition to her lifestyle. In truth, she loathed her mother insistently. To begin with for not being a better than average great case as she figured other young women’s mothers might be. Moreover, not caring for her from the significance of the heart, which she was prepared to offer, and expected this was the scariest thing a mother can do or should do. Likewise, other than it is the very root thing of the identity of a mother in wherever, any overall population, any civilization…. …Her mouth was spilling out. She had a house in Blauvelt. With the skeleton keys her late aunt presented before passing out in the cold evening she drove back from the Marine Drive, opening the fourth chapter of the book she treasures, an epistle of an aristocratic dude-…. now fairly live with a sink and hotplate, card games and amusements…..She was in a field far past the sanctuary. One night, the young ladies got an endorsement from the chief to go out however on the condition that they would come in two hours. The three young ladies were under the charge of Clara who was the most established among all. Clara worshiped it to some degree as she valued every occasion to execute master. She doubted any Heathcliff figure is concealing or the sound of mutts, notwithstanding when pleasing, still pooches. The most youthful, Mary was fascinated by a wild yet muddled packaging and they set out to go close it and was gotten by the potential results of finding a surrender. Could be before the visit of a pastor or some other being………Liz spent that winter in the quarters. Her companion had not begun from Lithuania. This was not an upbeat time as her personality was concerned; still, she understands how to stay. She had done various bungles in that season that was fit to draw in the anger of the administrator. He obviously anticipated that would take a calm view on these things. He felt that things would be settled however without his mediation. A few colts were seen moving. They were when in doubt beginning from the other edge of the garden where a few shrubberies had starting late withered in isolation, might be an aftereffect of nonappearance of rainwater…A time of colts and pros and pedagogues. Cassandra was sick of her uncle’s direct in this season. He showed up and when she was in her room appeared. her dad had impartially maneuvered again into the hinterland in light of the fact that his pro lived there. Other than it was the period of wine and sifting through and moreover some of his old partners lived there.She was angry with everything and life when all is said in done and endeavored to put more vitality in suggestive examinations, parsonage, and weaving. ……Right when her father came back from the shower, the Sussex float she had changed to such a level, to the point that affirmation was impossible. His disease now in an awful express, the family specialist’s recommendation that the time had come to part-and in the midst of the latest day he didn’t talk by any methods. Not to his loved ones. In any case, to Cassandra, he motioned emphatically. Various things were getting ready in his soul that the mouth couldn’t give went to. How he had changed from the bilious youth to this degree. He, finally, surrendered to Hodgkin’s lymphoma Nay he didn’t yield to it. He valiantly fought and returned. It was something else. A couple of colts were seen moving. They were if all else fails to begin from the other edge of the garden where a few greenery had beginning late withered detached, maybe a quick outcome of nonattendance of rainwater…A time of colts and specialists and instructors. …..She opened the bureau and saw two visible layers of metallic eaves in the condition of a small bloom, and there in that afternoon they have to go to the close relative’s place since, her uncle who was a sexton in the assemblage had come and approached them for what substantial reason they had for not heading off to the night support, which was more a compulsion than an occasion for celebrating. Her uncle has started late come after a stay in the East Indies and he was recalling of the islands of Indonesia, where, he has been recently after quite a long time since his stay there as a soldier in the second World War….

—–[From work of FICTION that is in progress]


The projected area was close to the white structure that was disguised by a brier and an array of birches. The watchman had a smile that revealed his shrewdness of observation and he was nonchalant rather than rude, generally speaking, but they said he was a good man. While walking, the elder crushed the stone beneath his footwear with extraordinary vigor as if he offered vent to a mysterious malignity. The little granules in his eyes that started late made him uneasy at interludes and a part of the sharp changes he made in his lifestyle was past anybody’s comprehension. He had a stick with a metallic edge which he used routinely not for its right reason but to demonstrate that he could act nimbly and may be superior to anybody, his imaginary foe he saw in those afternoon slumbers. In his dreams, he seldom lost a duel. This was not due to any special upbringing, but his recent changes of thought he acquired in his recent company that was a horde of competitors for a trophy. He took in the courtyard under yew trees and the usage of a wand is to strike and the goal could be anything. It does not by and large make a difference. Every end of the week he went for wrestling contests, and he hoped it made him lose a few pounds around his tummy walls. But otherwise, he was happy. He did not laugh often but when he did so, the whole room reverberated with the sounds and since his room was close to the jetty and the workers often shouted outside the well-framed walls, it all mixed together in a ludicrous orchestra, a new symphony yet to create……Today is Saturday. His day off from labor. But he did not dodge activity altogether, as he desired to be in touch with some former buddies of his college, and though he dropped out miserably, he still kept his connections. One was the undersecretary who was amongst his gang of mirth finders when they used to go to the town and later to the movie in a multiplex and later still for a late supper with sleazy liquor after which all involved in irrelevant symposia. The undersecretary too. It was quite later that he qualified for the civil examination, in the third attempt and step by step advanced to the cadre of the undersecretary.People like him, he maintained associations. First just the pleasure of meeting an old mate, but later for mutual help, as his wife got a posting to the current town because of his recommendation, and he will go to their house or send his nephew to collect their electricity and water dues and pay them in time……This is is all about our watchman. But our story is something else. It obviously tells the story of three girls in a mental asylum, not at a time old, but in the recent era. That was the manner in which he appeared a cultivated heroism that he got from youth. He was the first child of a woman in the village, who by calling was a village assistant. Essentially living among monks and many gulls………When he was around twelve years, he was compelled to drop out and his little desire was ruined. He additionally earned a bizarre propensity for recounting falsehoods and this placed him in disagreeable circumstances; he had no child nor any heir. At that point. I may state that a portion of the deficiencies rested with his mom who disclosed to him astute falsehoods when she returned home late. Maybe she was the nobleman who gave her costly displays. Maybe she was in the market to purchase vegetables for the family. Her better half sat in the armchair drinking all the time and beat him and his more youthful sibling who was eight years then when on senseless reasons when he was angry with them for killing his pet divert in the television…..No child is conceived wicked. The closed room. In any case, the damnation of that. You perceive that toward the finish of your genuine work, that is not as extraordinary as and respectable on the off chance that you are occupied with their organization or in an in the organization of card games being. To be perfectly honest I like the organization of young women. ………This is on the grounds that they treat you deferentially first since you are a man and afterward you are over their age helping them to remember their dad or uncle. Once in a while, I talk about private things with them. Since they need to talk about such things to their sentimental partner and they think you are not fit for such stuff. This raises you into a superior position, now and again a philosophical one, where you watch the back and forth movements and their statures of life from a superior point. You all of a sudden find in the lady your own life partner two or three decades prior and your own particular hot contemplations concerning her and how the desire of life at each point was not even the value of a tuppence, only a joke of one day on the off chance that you could see them that way………..As of late, I did in a ship like an eatery in the nation. The servers were altogether dressed like privateers and the point of the inn is to draw in individuals, rich ones who could spend tremendous sums in a solitary supper. At the point when you turn out after the sumptuous sustenance, your first sight is on the road, young men who can’t manage the cost of a small amount of the supper you had. It is possible that you go bleak. Or, on the other hand out of philanthropy, what a mean thing too eh display it. Besides, you are flustered about your low otherworldly status and the then end the day on another flimsily thought………..He came from the room when the sexton addressed him on the philosophical significance of Voltaire’s plays and the riddle plays. Asinine, that was his rejoinder to a gigantic exertion from ricocheting back… he kept the beat, his particular cadence so intimate to the waterways in a muddy autumn with staggering figures and dolls in human shapes from far beyond, rejected silhouettes in a world that lets out mercilessly the chaff… Many times he was strolling into the edge of the abbey with a forked eye and catching the hand of his more juvenile sibling and the latter vanishing suddenly into the thick of night, from the sash window, she looked the young matron with a coffee-colored hair tender and cathartic at first sight and falling like a torrential slide by the marble edges of the lanes and the flagstones in those cool September months, when her father came from the city, all happy for a new rise and here in the lobby, his boisterous voice drowned in champagne but her mind in another clamorous whisper they often pass on to the passionate rhythms of presence, a similar one he collected in an open bistro when a young lady entered the hall with a thick-rimmed book and her bohemian friend and further the genuflexion of figures behind rugged breezes and the uproar………

—–[From a work of fiction that is in progress]















Barci de la Sena

ficțiune scurtă


Acest episod a avut loc în una din ultimele zile de ședere în Franța. Am fost așezat într-o cafenea pariziană de la Boulevard Saint-Germain, complet luminată cu alburnul clasic, iar mâncarea arăta ca o navă, iar serverele purtau berete pirat. Aligheria Somers, insotitorul meu de calatori din Asia, a fost sa explice calitatile individuale si am participat, de asemenea, la aceste recenzii intime. Acest lucru se datora faptului că jumătatea mea mai bună mi-a lăsat temporar un răgaz într-o mănăstire cu vedere spre câmpiile din Thessalia. Și cum a spus ea, are nevoie de timp pentru contemplare. Oh – că era foarte bine pentru ea. Din cauza acestor evenimente, am fost parțial zdrobită și am pierdut mai mult în reverie. Dar domnul Somers se bucura de o versiune a lui Balzac, precum și de mâncare, în alegerea sa nesfârșită de alimente, pâine de usturoi și umplutură cu brânză. Am avut tabbouleh. Pe măsură ce unele dintre cafenele au avut reverberații la scriitorii pe care i-am prețuit în tinerețe, am cumpărat câteva dintre aceste titluri, cum ar fi “Soarele crește, de asemenea, reminiscențe ale citirilor lui Hemingway în orașul universității unde am trăit câțiva ani …

Acum, un cuplu a venit la cafenea, cel mai optimist meci, probabil în stadiile primare ale fericirii conjugale și, evident, a avut de-a face cu mult de luat în seamă. Fiecare bun exemplu al timpului, aspirațiile familiale sau figurile unui mîine mare. Tânăra doamnă se uită în ochii mei cu toată precizia și, cu o agitație rapidă, mi-a apucat mâna dreaptă și mi-a cerut consternarea, dacă mi-am amintit-o. Thia a fost cea mai copleșitoare în timp ce mă așteptam în etapele de bătrânețe ale bătrâneții și ea în forma ei angelică în tinerețe. Am răspuns negativ. A mormăit: “Mi-ai cumpărat samosa în orașul Caxton”. Samosa este o gustare indiană faimosă pe care am mâncat seara în timpul șederii mele în Asia, mai ales în Calcutta.

Numele Caxton Town mi-a aruncat o inimă strălucitoare. Da, mi-am amintit brusc rătăcirile din jurul pășunilor uimitoare cu prietenul meu, Aligheria. Privind păsările în habitatele lor lemnoase. Acele cluburi de Woodswallows, Ioras, Shrikes și Monarch Grey Hypocolius, Larks și Bulbuls … • Și totuși, în confuzia mea, gândindu-mă la micuța doamnă care a avut un astfel de efect asupra vieții mele în orașul Caxton. Nu puteam să cred că micuța fată care mi-a luat Samosa într-o seară sub un copac banyan s-ar putea transforma într-o asemenea măsură. Ea a spus că este acum un autor și a luat unul din copii din geantă, a extins-o pentru mine. Cartea avea o jachetă neagră neagră, cu numele scriitorului, pe copertă și am auzit cu siguranță numele scriitorului în recenta mea excursie la o sărbătoare de carte. Criticii au adula caracterul distinctiv al autorului, autopsia minții umane și abaterile dinamice din stilul Laurence Sterne. Imediat am fost încântat să văd pe unul dintre foștii mei prieteni ascensionați până la această înălțime estimată și, de asemenea, faptul că m-a recunoscut într-un restaurant din Paris. Mi-a prezentat partenerul și mi-a spus că am fost primul ei mentor.

A fost prea generos pentru ea. O exagerare care ia mărturisit incoruptibilitatea. Acest lucru ma uimit într-un context când am observat oameni importanți, chiar condamnați în viață mentorii lor timpurii. Un eveniment târziu a fost un solist renumit întâlnit cu vechiul său mentor, care a organizat excursii externe, întâlnindu-l pe acesta din urmă [în prezența mea], mulți ani după aceea, exprimând “Oh, ne întâlnim din nou” și îndreptându-ne rapid la fanii mai recenți. Părea a fi mai interesat de vânzarea de înregistrări decât de onorarea primului său patron. Aceștia sunt oamenii care cred că [nu sunt siguri], mergi greșit la mormânt, deși le doresc altfel. Ei nu au reușit să știe lucrul autentic din viață.


Prietenul meu, A.Somers, trebuia să plece în această dimineață, când a sunat de la familia sa. El a procedat la apartament pentru a-mi colecta bagajele … Mi-a plăcut cu adevărat mersul pe strada Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, gravând cele mai strălucite nuanțe ale Parisului, care s-au alăturat locului de la Bastille și Place de la Nation, semnalat de o istorie a propria. A amintit de “bătălia de la Bastille” din 1789, un eveniment considerat începutul Revoluției Franceze. În apropiere se afla un cartier tradițional, un tip de clasă muncitoare din secolul al XII-lea, un centru de comerț și meserii. Am mâncat într-un restaurant moderat, o faianță ca o faianță, iar unii veniseră și se dădeau cu mackintoshes luminoase și boneturi ornamentate și vorbeau fie despre călătoriile trecute, fie despre destinația din apropiere. Un cavalier a deschis o hartă din cutie de viteze și a verificat după ce și-a ținut aparatul în jos, iar partea dreaptă a trecut peste cea din stânga și după ce a prins apelul unei doamne stând la ușă, a plecat repede și râsul mixt ca o detonare îndepărtată a reluat în hol . Au existat multă fervoare și mișcare în aer. O pereche de oameni îmbrăcați în albastru de porumb și roz purpuriu sorbeau un lichid la masa următoare. Am selectat un articol, care a fost servit ca un olio dens pe un acoperiș de injera, o pâine fermentată din teff, un fel de boabe vechi, care este o alternativă la grâu. Mâncarea a fost savuroasă și a apărut Ethiopean.

Acolo am întâlnit un bătrân și el a avut ochi strălucitori care păreau să te privească de la un alt secol și îmbrăcați în gabridă groasă și am crezut că trebuie să fie un tip necondiționat de bărbat și implicat în conversație. Bătrânul domn avea o barbă de tip Johann Strauss II, mustață și paiete. În următorul dialog care a durat aproximativ o oră, am vorbit în principal despre barbă, în timp ce vechea sireasă știa mai multe despre barbă și mustață decât am știut despre literatură. În secolul al XV-lea, majoritatea oamenilor europeni erau bărbați curățiți. Barbații au permis să crească în secolul al șaisprezecelea, până la o lungime uimitoare, John Knox sau Thomas Cranmer. Unele barbe ale acestei vremuri erau barba spadă, barba tăiată în limba engleză, barba furcată și barba de stil. În 1587 Francis Drake a afirmat, într-o figură de vorbire, că a cântat barba regelui Spaniei. Și el știa întreaga poveste cu inima. Au existat mai multe grupuri de clienți care au crescut și au migrat.

Pe măsură ce mergeam mai departe pe bulevarde, m-am întâlnit cu un avocat, un companion în plimbările mele de dimineață și conversații despre artă și viață, în general, au avut loc. Deși nu am o perspectivă profundă asupra acestor zone, prietenul meu pentru drumeții a avut perspective interesante – care a fost conectat la galeria de artă din Louvre și mi-a spus că mulți spectatori au luat-o pe Mona Lisa ca ființă umană și nu ca o operă de artă, și obișnuia să facă multe acte de nebunie.

Prietenul meu Aligheria a lăsat o notă pe care am citit-o acum. O întindere capricioasă și tristă de minute și am fost incredibil de surprins de lanțul de gânduri. El a suferit niște răni private și le-a ținut înapoi dezvăluindu-le, poate căutând o ocazie mai bună de a împărtăși cu mine. Povestea unei minți care a început să se întoarcă și amintirile sale enervante și o boală care a început cu câteva luni în urmă și, de asemenea, niște voci și vise care l-au tulburat. Am avut o experiență similară în Warwickshire, auzind un sunet de melodie de la o ușă închisă, într-un conac care avea legăturile lui Robert Bruce. Un clopot muzical din camera apropiată, pe care cineva ia spus că a fost vizita unui conteplu feudal, care a fost compozitor în timpul vieții sale și a cărui viață, volumele au fost elaborate. Mai târziu, acestea s-au transformat într-o farsă mare. Printr-un mesager, am trimis o notă înapoi pentru a scrie înapoi lui Aligheria că, după toate călătoriile dureroase din punct de vedere corporal și intelectual, creierul nu poate să se potrivească cu toate lucrurile grele și avea nevoie de repaus sau odihnă, în verde țării, ca remediu. Și despre voci, nu am nici o cunoaștere a unor astfel de întrebări, ca să pun o judecată. Totuși, ar trebui să o investigheze mai degrabă decât să creadă orbește, iar istoria abundă în astfel de fabricări. El ma sunat și mi-a cerut numele în serios în aceste zone. I-am spus că în prezent nu, încă voi încerca să aflu pe cineva. După asta, și după un decalaj bun, am făcut un apel prietenos și am râs pur și simplu, doar pentru a auzi sunetul râsetelor celorlalți.

Această notă m-am simțit destul de tristă să citesc și aceasta a fost o muncă suplimentară pentru creierul meu și m-am gândit la câteva dintre plimbările noastre împreună în diferite părți ale Indiei. Mereu mi-a plăcut într-un mod romantic că viața este aceeași oriunde – ființele umane, domnii sau doamnele au aceleași tipuri de predicții, deși unele nuanțe în această țesătură sunt mai întunecate sau mai slabe decât celelalte și un curs de la lumina la lumină sau de la lumina zilei la întuneric este o poveste relativă. Am petrecut destul de mult timp pe străzi și cafenele cu basoreliefuri pentru a găsi susținere.

În prezent, în acest Paris din trecut, un fluviu puternic numit The Seine curge, în virtutea sa din ce în ce mai lărgire și înălțare, inspirând scriitori și interpreți și exploratori ai întregului sezon, apropiindu-se de o rețea radială care deține civilizație pe ambele părți cu 777 km de traseu. Mi-a plăcut oricum și am încercat să-mi pun niște sentimente ca pe orice călător. Ca și doamna Bovary sau Hugo, acest râu numit Sena, o dată pe Sequana din Dijon, este o entitate atemporală care poate influența. Poate că nu voi veni din nou. Poate că voi veni din nou de nenumărate ori. Dar asta nu contează.Sena, în această casă de navigație, în esență palidă și ceruleană. Și indivizii care au cumpărat vase și au trăit în pontoane și bărci, meșteșuguri, care transmit articole de comerț și așa mai departe. Am petrecut o zi în bibliotecă, așa cum făcusem în India, când există suficient timp la îndemână. Cu o sută sau două sute de rupii pe zi, pot avea cea mai uimitoare viață din India, petrecând o oră pe băncile din Connemara.


Parisul este diferit. Te rog lasă-mă de ceva timp, când îmi amintesc aceste vechi povești de război și dragoste pe ambele maluri ale unui râu. Câte piese au apărut, uimitor de minunate și totuși cum se poate păstra acea splendoare originală? Această tendință și istorie sunt alimentate într-o anumită parte a creierului meu, pentru a fi reînviat mai târziu. Am luat o croazieră. Turnul Eiffel. La etajul doi era un restaurant. Era la Pont-Neuf, care era cu adevărat cea mai veche. Minunea din secolul al nouăsprezecelea. Notre Dame cu statuile sale din exterior. Și, de asemenea, Sainte-Chapelle cu o splendoare gotică la fel de mare. Am avut unele neajunsuri în ultimele luni, dar asta nu-mi îndepărtează libertatea ca om pe această planetă.

În acest regat regal, mă voi rătăci o oră dacă respirația o va permite cu mare entuziasm – mai multă viziune, mai multă viață, mai multă angajare și explorare. Poate trăim odată. Cine știe sigur? Uimitor, nu eram, de asemenea, gata să mă adaptez la spasmele picioarelor și la chinurile articulare care m-au supărat în plimbări. Parisul a rămas vag, în camere de sanctuare, bulevarde și cafenele, și mai târziu într-un jurnal în creștere de amintiri, cu numeroase note de subsol ale unor savanți. Cauze, destine și provocări ca într-o poveste epică care poate fi rescrisă de un alt autor.

În cazul meu, unele deziluzii în afară, aceasta a fost o excursie minunată. În sensul acesta, te-am cunoscut. Râu, îți comunic. Trebuie să presupun că este uimitor, sigur. Mai mult, aceasta este o convingere plăcută în momentele de suferință, precum și în momentele de calm. Înainte de Sena, mă plecăm, umilă până la ultimul prag de umilință. O doamnă înclinată pe urmele la spatele unei tribune. O altă figură ascunsă poate fi un copil, fiecare de partea celuilalt, ca o pătură pentru celălalt într-un peisaj de zăpadă. Și o ceață care întâlnește câțiva copaci mai înghețați de la distanță și primește distincții din mâinile necunoscute.

M-am dus la malul stâng, care avea o aură necondiționată, cu un grup divers de oaspeți, meseriași, călători, barbati, vagabonzi și cupluri pierdute în propriile lor visuri și domnii în impermeabile și piele de ulei pentru a împodobi aceste zile de iarnă. , Mă uit la acest mare virtuoz nu ca pe un ucenic, ci dintr-un punct de vedere imparțial. Sena în tonuri variate, asemănătoare cu o mare dragă care ia dat inima pentru un motiv pentru posteritatea de a cajole…… În viața asta totul va fi mai bun ca niciodată în ultima examinare, m-am asigurat.

Am văzut-o acum, o ambarcațiune plină de culori alunecând în bancă cu balamale, nu pentru o utilitate explicită, ci pentru eleganță și înfrumusețare. Și semnul misterios pe frontispiciul soției mele și al meu în timpul sezonului de logodnă, cu inscripții în caractere de stil albastru și purpuriu, inscripționate pe ea. Îmi imaginez când o dată înainte de a lua cheile și de a arunca la Pont de Arte? L-am întrebat pe un trecător care era proprietarul vasului și el a răspuns că este dedicat iubitei de către o prințesă de origine indiană, pentru călătorii săraci care nu-și pot permite o călătorie și au vrut-o în apele frumoase. Iubitul a avut un nume similar cu al meu. Trimisul a spus că a obținut cunoștințele de la un arhitect care gestionează ambarcațiunile în acest sezon.

………………………………………….. ……………………..