This was the first season of the year and her stepfather appeared in his car, the new one .-Cadillac CTS, that he had bought when his operations in the second company he invested became quite fetching, even without his fusty predictions. But he was quite hesitant about matters with her studies and despite her mother’s plans to send her to the university, did not concede. On the other hand, he said– Far away, it would warp your character, a reason she found childish-. But more than often she had him off guard revealed his wild species of behaviour on a numerous of occasions: beating, knowing very well that she had passed the whipping phase, at the most, the crack, which can not be very right if you think she was pretty smart and a paradigm of conduct and past eighteen. ..her father surrogate, came into his life, late, a sledder and fifty past and an arbiter now in seasons and is leveraging in risky enterprises and having more time in this late-season for golf and also the altruistic things that he did for show, but in any position, not real– Of course, in his case charity did not start at home. He was an avid participant in ad blitz meetings and the night before he would be rehearsing the dithyramb, sometimes used a tarboosh on his head to make him stand out from the masses. Also about the baldness that is invading his top recently. But his friend said- alopecia is a trivial quandary, in case you have two working kidneys and that is more than a treasure- and he cachinnated sardonically- furthermore some lady at the corner may fall for a bald blade though he is slightly far away from that era.- in the realm of love and courtship, preferences vary from people to people- there is no textbook rhythm for love- and his friend apprised him on such matters– these were great elaborations and that day they parted after a pleasant quaff– a new arrival from China–, that the bartender proudly presented his customers ————-Your old photographs are a great contrast to your present-day style. He, in the last year, campaigned for the candidate who won, making him fit in the next cycle after those parlour games– This will undoubtedly reserve his seat, he conceived in the next cabinet, still, he will show what he can achieve there and taking into account his lack of education, many deeply doubted. His opponents knew him better, a pretender and a dastard to the bilge, and during campaigns, he used the native attire, to make the public feel out that he is one among them, but in real life far from that……Anne knew his more personal fronts when her mummy was away and he was very hard with her and then she sensed another woman’s mug shot with him in a yielding pose, and then a volcano burst out in the clan and the fumes were liquidated only after a few seasons…This made him a staunch opponent of her, and the little attention he showed her at the beginning was limited after this episode of mutual explosions…………Anne did not pardon him for getting her mother away, nor was she prepared to apologize for her actions. This made her a visitor not invited in her household and her, as such, till the matters worsened, was very nervy in resisting him, but afterwards, the events said that his will was more sinewy than hers and she lost in this clash of wills in any way.Besides her mother after the death of her papa was lonely and wanted to have an emotional sense of security in her threshold. This was, you may deem a mother’s right, if you think a bit, at least a few seconds in your busy groove, how far she had expended her energy and time with a share of nervous strains and bugaboo that attended it, to land her up to such a stature……
The university was her only hope in these tough times and never wanted to visit the house neither in mass nor at Christmas. She had good friends in the second and last year, and later during house surgeoncy, practically all of her close friends were older. But her teammate in the basketball tournaments, who was in her party at another school, often visited her room and with her, she went to multiplexes to watch movies. The fantastic celluloid world made her occupied for some years and, during this era, she forgot her own story and, although she carefully watched the apparels and accessories of female characters in these cinemas, sometimes she was bitter and jealous of some of them. She forgot that heroes or heroines we adore just because they are there.See, on second thoughts, their destiny is not distinct from us- the same pressure, stresses, work, anticipation, and all, even some of the illnesses for which we are under the medics. In the second year, he had a short-lived relationship and was interrupted for some reason, perhaps this man was not happy with her, and then her whole company became women. During her Easter vacation, when she arrived from the city, her stepfather bought a car for her but was surprised that for a moment she liked to think of him as a good man. But then he said that too many personages in the line, even when he was present, that he bought a car for her and she despised these self-indulgent conversations. Maybe some people learn the basic lessons in life too late and maybe some will never learn at all …
Anne was not particularly happy in her old school. Because she came from a different environment than others, because her father J. was a diplomat to this capital, where he took his last breath. When his father lived, the house was full of guests, and his father was an exceptional donor to the church and other charitable institutions and he did it from the heart. He did not turn this into a spectacle, nor did his left hand what his right hand did. This sometimes provoked some argument in the family, during meals because her mother wanted to save more money for her family, save this for Anne her for a decent marriage, but her father was not too keen in these discussions and told Anne that one should be at heart dead to this world to look for another. Anna ignored these talks completely. But these arguments did not lead to any fight, because the father would never put the mummy in a situation where she would be found guilty and would not leave for a position where no love was found. According to him, arguments did not produce anything, and only as Hamlet says, words, words, words– But he died in one of his trips, and it was an automobile accident and the reasons for his death have not yet been publicly confirmed and has been a great story for journalists what was the exact cause of death……..But Anna thought very well that it was an accident, because there are events of life, something good and some other thing bad, and it can only be found by a few, a saint or a man with a sharp mind or prophetic faculties, but Anne or her mother did not belong to this holy company.—-
After her father’s death, her mother lived a few years alone and partly depressed, almost three or four years, and was her younger uncle became the caretaker of assets, who was not very honest about accounts and gave incorrect information about their agrarian resources. He sold some of his shophouse goods without their consent and made a farm and a menagerie. I feel that a menagerie is a good investment for old gentlefolk who are otherwise free, for it gives a lot of insight into our present human state on earth- what is the exact magnitude of our lives– for a long period in year, the mother and daughter of churches and monuments through Palencia and Athens. .. Great Palencia in northern Spain. Start from the eleventh century, San Miguel Church has a Romanesque apse and Gothic facade with Gothic exterior and Renaissance altarpiece with paintings by Juan de Flandes. Cristo del Otero is a large post-cubist representation of Christ by Victorio Macho, who is buried in the chapel underneath. The Museo de Palencia has Paleolithic artefacts, Roman mosaics including sacred art…….Her mother was particularly linked to churches, a great fan, and musicians who were associated with the litanies, and had contact with some European authors. ..In all the tours her heart and eyes were riveted upon sacred monument or Gothic shapes.It was a good time. She always carried a long staff with a silver head, which she kept like a shoulder arm and encased it in a thick beast hide and the journeys, the thing evoked much curiosity and suspicion…..This transport was organized by a local company that had links to the hotels and guided centres abroad. It was a good time for learning…….
…..It was the second term of the holidays, there were many trees bloomed in the park and some were deported due to a sudden change in the climate, a volcanic eruption that happened fifty-five miles away but with minor hards to life. the government had predicted it and had removed the households, Anne decided to go to the city by acquiring new projects for the medical company. She would like to continue the art course, go to Art Gallery and travel near Metro Gateway where she would like to take lunch almost every day with her uncle’s son who was also a doctor and like she studied at a single distinguished school… This was a new chain of metro work with the underground railway station to ease the trouble of the metropolis at peak hours. The chief planner was, in fact, three years senior to her in the same missionary school with commonwealth red bricks and the chap’s profile when she read in the newspapers, she was quite amazed, as he was the school leader of her time and both of them had taken part in the rhetoric competitions in the nearby school, going in a batch led by the class teacher, and if her memory is sure, once he bought her an auricomous ice cream which was rare in those eras. Now she and he are following different routes of fate and whose stock is better or worse can only be known towards the end and still, it is a great enigma for the human mind to unravel. –She wanted to go to Northern sides of the country and work with the village folk for a while giving free medical aid and leave everything again and return to the metropolis.She loved the city and it was there in all her dreams. But the city was not expressly comfortable and there was a lot of interruption on the roads. Her routine in these seasons is precise. In the summer months, she used to work as a specialist in the sanitarium and the rainy season she was chained to the laboratory of the establishment and in the spring and other seasons she was in the O.P. and the Casualty. The position as the laboratory researcher, she hoped will grow up in time and she will have her contributions, especially in the area of carcinoma, that took away many of her loved loves abruptly. For many years her colleagues went to foreign lands to make money, but she wanted to stay in the country and look at the territory and enjoy the gossips and see the volcanoes and the ocean and see the old folks in the Southern Room which were a private house built solely for her by her father when he was living, that housed her library, stereo, Chopin, and Mozart, and her old diaries, where except for her uncle’s son and her sister who had auburn hair, nobody was permitted to enter, her small heaven in this busy world…
——[From a work of fiction in progress]



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