Uncle and the Leopard-1

    Uncle and the Leopard-1
    As I have promised my readers in a prior note of this sort, I was to expound on my second uncle and his encounter with a panther when he was away from his relatives and living in woods. Some of you perusers may recall the way that he as a single guy, had a personal illicit relationship with a wedded lady and was the cardinal accused in a murder mystery.The story as I got record from different sources, portrays that lately the spouse of that woman was killed and my uncle was the prime suspect. The previously mentioned lady,it is told, had numerous lovers, some even secret ones. This saga was frequently described in our family hovers, as an exercise to the young fellows of the new generation, who begin indicating salacious propensities and how a few cases could lead to such appalling coup de grace. I am not specially fond of such simage orts of over chary delineations of old folks, but the last word to such stories is the maleurous certainty that human destiny can see movements to any directions, good or awful. Briefly, the outline of such things is hidden to us, human beings.
    Here is my uncle’s fable- As I have described in the earlier post, he could get away from a mischancy end, partly in light of the fact that he was innocent and halfway on the grounds that he was fortunate and mostly in light of the fact that he could get the best legal advisor of his time . So the fate favoured him generously and he lived for around sixty or so years on this planet after that occurrence, generally joyfully. However, he totally cut himself off the adventurous way of life of his youth and furthermore the young allies of bold nature, the sort of whom who had a great deal of vitality and time and cash yet little direction throughout everyday life. Yes, you can tell that my uncle turned into a new man. In spite of the fact that he didn’t wed any lady(the genuine reasons, I don’t know), and carried on an unhitched male’s life, he kept a ton of good companions and was the best company for anyone who acknowledged him as a friend. In his life, though he cleared out his reckless life, he did not particularly pursue a solitary vocation like his companions did, but had different occupations and would likewise take long getaways when he left an occupation and took up another. Our elderly individuals so specifically cautioned us when we were growing up that one ought not to copy him in the event that one needs to have a fruitful existence. This I feel now, as a notice about his other tendencies, one such his addiction to alcoholic beverages. In our family gatherings, two personages were spotted as wrong models, and one was this uncle. The other one, you may perhaps be curious to know-This is none other than my father in law, for I wedded a young lady from my mom’s family, a far-off kinfolk, and my dad in law was known to me even when I was a boy. He was, in reality, the most terrible of the parcel ,the extent that drinking is concerned. For he would never stop his dependence on bottles even towards the finish of his life, even after he experienced a noteworthy heart bypass and the specialists cautioned him not to take any alcohol after that. In any case, he would never stop his old propensities and met with an unseely end. Still,about the nature of these two characters, they were the most joyful individuals from the whole family .
    Particularly my dad in law, an extremely affable companion, like a little kid he was, declining to grow up, though he had his furious and calamitous moments or sometimes, illogically fractional temperaments. One fine nature of him is that however he is a long way from a virtuoso, he could pick up remarkable individuals from any gathering, effortlessly and keep up their kinship for long. A large number of these exceptional  mortals were likewise bizarre boozers too and his table at homestead was thronged by these freewheeling marvels and the principal occupation of my mother in law was cooking delicious lamb and chicken culinaries for these mavericks.
    However, our main story is something else. How my uncle met a panther in the timberland and got away from great divide. This is a genuine story and is described by my uncle himself when he was staying with us. For my mother was particularly close to this uncle in light of the fact that after her dad’s passing, this uncle gave a portion of the charges for my mom’s later education, though she got a position soon and left her people. So this uncle remained with us for many long years, till my mom’s superannuation. So in one of the nights when we were strolling back home, after a theatre show in the town, my uncle narrated this story….
    .(To be continued).
    -From a Long Fiction in Making.
    Picture -Rider by Author 

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