He was in the secondary lounge of the transport and his significant other could figure out how to get a seat in the first line. It was maybe his slip-up not to book the seat ahead of time and to be happy with the seats the conductor gave on availability. He recollected that he never had reserved a seat in any of the transports he travelled in his youth. That was a piece of the reasoning he followed in his adolescence and middle age when he had accepted life as greater voyage and a similarly greater adventure, and he would not like to sound himself as a two-timer. Also, he had even disheartened people taking such a great amount of alert in their visits and rounds, and had even made fun of those chicken-hearted souls for missing the mystery of future by such a large number of early courses of action.

In any case, now he is no more that young fellow who could bear alone the bothers that travels offer without fitting trip programs. He estimated himself to be an elderly person at any rate physically, and at the same time, he favoured to survey himself as a young man with his significant other whenever they were both alone. He now and then partook with her a portion of his old juvenile jokes and she would alert him in a diverted note, kids will hear, or others will catch, and chide him lovingly. In truth, he didn’t know numerous jokes. Around here, his wife outperformed him and she could tell a joke convincingly and after her jokes, all would yell in giggling. Then again, whenever he told a joke just a couple of individuals snickered, and others would keep silent and look curiously what his genuine expectation was and also meaning that they expected something more serious from him.

Presently the transport is going to start and he was seeing his own situation in the carrier and felt somewhat befuddled, as the journey is about a hundred kilometres, and the plain idea of how he will reach the goal in the wake of numerous expected knocks and turns in this risky course when the traffic is, for the most part, heartless and the drivers had a portion of the tendencies of his own juvenility, accepting it as a happy adventure, however he remembered he never had been foolhardy in any of the periods of life..

When he was thinking this way, the bus started with a sudden yank as though to caution him about the future perils of the trek. His better half turned once again from the front seat and grinned. He likewise grinned however felt that she won’t experience the same number of jolts and moves like him in the progressing venture seating herself in the front row and he occupying the last but one seat of the transport.

He looked for some time at his wife as if she were entirely someone else from another family he has not seen so far, and attempted to observe without emotions. This gave him an impression of her beauty and the slender figure, which he sometimes had admired in other women. Obviously, she is a lot more youthful to him in age and looks. In fact, she is around nine years younger to him and he has known his better half numerous years prior to his marriage as an individual from his family, being a far-off cousin from his mother’s side. The marriage was an incredible experience as he for all intents and purposes eloped with her in light of the fact that the families did not support of the wedlock, particularly her father who was a strong man and had extreme perspectives on life. Truth be told, his folks, particularly his mom was glad since this occurred after a period that he had announced openly in the family circles that he had chosen to be a hermit. It was never his intention to marry her and he considered her only as a friend or a good relative who had sympathies to his style of living and had a kind of blameless association with her, primarily through letters and incidental gatherings when he would ponder on genuine issues of life and she like a student tuned in to his babbling. Presently it happened that her folks needed to get her wedded to a worthy groom and she opposed all proposals. Furthermore, things developed to such a pivotal stage, to the point that he was forced to leave the place with her so as to keep away from catastrophes. Both of them left without illuminating others and went to a neighbouring land, to enter where you needn’t bother with an international ID. There they landed positions as teachers in a boarding school because the school favoured couples as staff and they were couples if not formally. To be brief, life made them a couple. It was here that they both began cracking jokes between exercises so as to elevate the state of mind of the understudies and in his class, the students told that ‘Miss is fantastic as far as humour is concerned’. He didn’t feel jealous of his significant other because, in his heart, he realized that he outperformed her in numerous different angles…

The bus turned to a bumpy patch and he had practically to hold the side of the seat with both hands in order to avoid a fall. This happened several times in the course of the journey and it was a good exercise for his otherwise sluggish body. At one point, the bus stopped at a minor junction, and the conductor announced that there is ten minutes -break and with many other passengers, he also got out and headed to a nearby stall. Some remained in their own seats not having anything to do with the shops or the outside world

He got tea and snacks for his wife and had something for himself as well. He saw that she didn’t express thanks, however, appreciated his turn but thought at heart that it is his obligation to regard his wife. After all, the time she had languished over this old fool… He recollected that before marriage she would tell thanks for each little assistance he gave and it was how she had been instructed by her military dad. He indicated that at whatever point, one may express thanks or thank you at each possible advance and definitely, she followed that coaching and was classed as a fervent and wise dame, much applauded by her peers.

She had additionally two sisters younger to her and both pursued the same school of thought and philosophies of protocols, and with her mom who wedded her dad when she was just sixteen years old[an offence in modern era], the female society in the family was on a par with a minor brigade and her dad was the self-announced officer of that troop. But the fight here was more interior than external, and he won it always alone and held all the badges to himself, by his strong articulations and muscular prowess, till at a later stage one of his kidneys began declining and he needed the aid of his significant other at each trail of life… …
……..[To be Continued]


  1. mydoina says:

    I love what you wrote, very captivating, a very beautiful story! Waiting for the story to continue …

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    1. azuremorn says:

      Thank you very much Mydoina for your nice words. I have jotted down some of the remaining parts. Hope to publish it in a couple of/a few days. Best wishes!

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  2. Great story……waiting to read the rest.

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    1. azuremorn says:

      Thank you very much. Rest of the story will be soon posted on these pages-

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