The world as we see is a stop gap arrangement as my late grand uncle Benyamin earnestly believed.Is it an illusion,as the sages have told ? But positively from the manner in which we are used to see and describe it. My great uncle from my mother’s side, knew it as a transitory resort,and that was the reason,he spent a decent part of years as a good Samaritan,offering his silvers to hapless folks . He could have placed his money in banks and save it for his generations to enjoy (who knows?).But rather, he took a couple of passers-by on his way and gave some of his silvers to the inn keeper. Of course,he didn’t drop his endeavors and joy trips,but just remembered a couple of other beings in his solo errands. That is how his name features regularly in our clan talks.Of ourse,he had his frail smutches.
Womanizer,they called him. Maybe.I don’t know. Braggart , they told about him. Yes,showboater he was. But you see, he could divine a joke on his frailties and chuckle from the bottom pit of heart. I feel he was more fortunate than other renowned members.When two of his kidneys fizzled, he was fed by kind and brilliant medical caretakers. He was not in the beginning , a Christian(our clan has a few) and the story goes that when he had significant issues in life, especially a few frustrations in cash related devoir as the banks arraigned him and when he was thinking to put the kibosh on his life, two evangelists from the west part of the globe helped him out of that issue. In all honesty they were by then there in his town and the neighboring towns, converting others to their belief. In course of time, my distant uncle got changed over to Christianity. Because of this, he lost an enormous segment of
the prerogatives from the leader of that time, to whom he had a few affiliations.. I don’t have the foggiest idea about the subtleties.When he addressed with his buddy,climbing to community intersection in early morning,he was lambasted by a group of individuals. Still, the interesting part is that he was set up to continue audaciously with his work and felt that the fate of a martyr is far better..I was informed that he set up Good Samaritan workshops and by obscure causes surrendered following three years and got an administration work under British government for which he was qualified.It is said likewise that he told my mom that his name shows up in Psalm No.68, and I feel, that was a piece of his jestful or bragging nature for which he was often branded. Most of my knowledge about him is through my mom. In his middle age, he found a government profession that included periodic itineraries, and about a fourth of his existence was spent in waiting rooms and platforms and railroad stations.He rented houses most of his life in various towns whereever he worked and was on move normally and took his significant other and children close by him in his peregrination . At any rate he gave his kids the best education possible and some ended up high in corporate ladders.

My grand uncle had a ready tool kit always by his side.Spanners,pliers,combination wrenches,impact sockets,air compressors,bench grinders,blow guns,cans and containers,brake tools.drum dollies,drive belt tools,filter crushers and so on….At whatever point, a vehicle failed , a lorry in the roadways or auto rickshaw, he will ask the driver or cleaner, in his enthusiastic walk around the start of the day to the Lodhi garden, near where he stayed at that time, if they needed help. In case they genuinely wanted his assistance, he will take them to his home which was close by and give them the devices, or every so often help them with getting away from the issue himself. His home had various sizes of knives, each for a particular use, one to cut vegetables. another to cut fish, another to cut hard tissue of sheep, another to hack the pieces of the tree in his little garden.(He planted mangoes and tapioca wherever he went in his government assignments, for he esteemed these things by all means).
My cousin who was a University scholar and Shakespearean fan, amidst a family gathering told about my uncle- “Who knows himself a braggart, let him fear this, for it will come to pass that every braggart shall be found an ass.’,
‘Says William’, he uttered as if he were talking about his cousin. William is none other than the Bard of Stratford upon Avon…’Quoting Shakespeare is admirable but you have to think thrice before slandering an elderly relative.’ My mother retorted.
I had just a glimpse of him in his mature age and I was small and he was very old, run down and smiling and most of my knowledge about him is through my mother, who was an especially educated lady(from country standards of that time- She talked and wrote English unlike her relatives). Regardless, mother had an awful impression of my uncle’s wife, for she won’t address you if you are in ratty articles of clothing and will banter with you for a long time, in the event that you dress in exorbitant dress and enhancements. This I found not an exceptional way with her, having met on many occasions ladies and gentlemen behaving in such a way and assuming themselves that it is quite normal.Another fascinating fact about her was that she will get some gen about anybody with a primary question, in an indirect way, Is he rich, or is she rich ? In order to make a particular evaluation about that person from her standard or point of view. She was obviously not devoid of honorable characteristics for she was a chef extraordinaire, and was a compleat story teller, especially humourus or sharp stories that will make you chuckle, however,I didn’t get any opportunity to hear those things directly from her…

-(From a work of fiction in progress)

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