Maria was in court when that call happened. It was an occasion in her open country and charming so wherever motel she has recently hit upon a connection to the mad man, the specialist. The gentleman wants to know whether he is on any medication and begins to deal with him. Try not to attempt to put vinegar in my wardrobe. It won’t be fragrant that way. Frequently in the Christmas seasons, mother comes home with her litanies to wake the youngsters to great activities, going with her rose preliminary, with the man who had stopped his whiskers, what connection mother has with him is obscure, might be an old inspiration to get denied self that was brimming with mortifications of the past dishonours caused to herself and her general public. Still, mother was not extravagantly a lady to lament over spoilt dishes, let others sink their heads in the profound closets and swoon, yet mother won’t that way be prevented from her authority. I was in college I wasn’t all my stuff back, bags, my pants and pashminas and coats and swedes and french dresses and jackets, those oversized ones that I used to wear in the morns of Parisian streets with my old darling, who is not your father dear… I was with JW copying a book of that great author and walking with him along Champs-Élysées. And knew and met G.S. in a coffee shop and she was tall and gracile.She was attired in Trench coat and flamboyant scarf around neck but with ensemble minimal looking masculine outwards though essentially feminine… And a couple of bewhiskered men were with her and also a lady of pristine values however spoke in murmers and a man who published a book in the Shakespearean company. With him an aide carrying clothes, toiletries, clowns footwear, What’s more, some toffees that are shrouded in cotton garments, chicken pieces, internments, croissants. It was a radiant day and the flying creature arrived on the shoulder of the pioneer and recounted to an astonishing story that the pioneer just knew. A peevish grin enlarged on her lips for the nth time. It was an insane evening, and afterwards, they followed a parcel of custom, much about nothing, a ton of convictions and no activity. At last, it was all to make them well known in their band other than that these things just made them discouraged and serious negative talks that made them motivated in those cold evenings or emphasize their living presence one way or other…

-(Maria’s story, to be continued)

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