Late Shows

In the middle of the night, she woke up. And it was cold and the nearby station was making a lot of bruit and she could barely reach the samovar where they kept the café au lait. She removed her glasses and veil from the body and placed it on the trivet. A lady was there to help her because Popova had gone to see her brother in Hong Kong. This lady hailed from a family known to her parents for a long time and comes from time to time, whenever Maria has imperious needs. They were a family close to their parents when they stayed in another city thirty-three years ago. When they came to this neck of the woods, her father found them a house. They had become poor in a generation, and the reason is blurry, as often happens in life. However, the son paid for the stay, becoming the caretaker of a chalet called Grand Tepee. When this gentleman started a parallel career, telling the story of other people’s fortune, his father scolded him for exercising a profession of which he had little knowledge. The gentleman left this . and focused on his job as a caretaker. This man was extremely handsome but still wore shabby dresses. When he accompanied Maria to the hotel for dinner, other people looked at her with infomania and two servers did not hide the gall. Maria, as usual, was elusive and contented herself with ordering unusual items from the menu with great confidence, raising the sommelier’s suspicions that the gentleman is her lover this season. It was Maria’s style to make friends with outlandish men in their clothes and their thoughts and to invite them in cafes or late at home. When her father was alive, these gestures were fully approved by society, knowing the chaste spirit of Maria (for many of her classmates stayed in this city) and also because her father was the former mayor known for his good works in the city. But when Maria got married, things were not so easy, because her partner was to some extent jealous of her company with other men. Maria told her friend in an interview that all men are jealous but do not show their jealousy as women in public. They have a smart way to hide their feelings, just because it has a bad impact on their charismatic image, they want to project that they are men. Jealousy in literature or art is not an admirable masculine quality, although women, great women can get away with this minor glitch because for the great destinies for which they are intended, jealousy may not be an obstacle. I know these are delicate areas in relationships and I will talk about them after my discussion with my mentor next April…

In the room there was a carafe for pouring the hot liquid. A hurricane lamp occupied the central part of the cabin and it flickered and was about to go out with the breath of the characters present. The assistant mumbled for herself and for to the ladies in general. They all studied together a few years ago and before they had tried to imitate each other in their mutual worship. During the first years of separation, they texted each other, every two days, but over time, the texting models became skinny and each withdrew into different phases of lethargy or took care of other areas of passion or went somewhere in life, according to their current notions of success. Some of them have made life breakthroughs or others have taken sabbaticals to transvaluate the past. In both cases it is worth it, and the progress we chase down in life does not need to be linear but a more commendable and deeper one, in the sense of relationships or in relation to oneself. Maria’s recent pastime was going to the movies late at night alone in her gharry and relaxing in the theater and under the guise of watching a movie to have fun in self-contemplation. But she was quite distraught when she came back from the shows because some poor ladies were holding their newborn babies in their hands and asking for help. And sometimes Maria will not have much to meliorate these ladies so smiles at them very warmly and in almost all cases, they understood her gesture.

– (Maria’s story, Long Fiction – To continue)

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