My Teachers

My teachers. It is with high reverence that I think of my teachers, notably those who taught me at school before I entered college. Some were like family . My mother who took good care of my education knew all of them on personal levels and also many of my friends and classmates.My cousin also studied in the same school, several years senior to me and our family kept those connections even when the school days were over. One teacher’s wife came for the selection of bridal dresses for my cousin’s espousal. Since it was a small town this type of lifestyle was possible .Unlike big cities where one seldom knows who is who. When I remember my boyhood days,I have sweet memories of having had tea or snacks at the houses of my teachers where my mother and their family with wife and kids were present. My father had a job in a faraway town, and we will see him only during recesses. After twenty or thirty years of the good-bye from school, when I met some of my teachers at their dwellings, they retrieved these bygone happy times… When I was three, my mother put me in a small school where there was only singing and serenadings and dancing and midday nap and it was a delightful beginning for rigorous studies ahead. Here, in this academy, learning happened through music and playful ventures. The headteacher was kind and caring. My first formal teacher was a young lady called Saras–y. She was a home tutor and when I was about 4 years old, she taught me readings, based on a handbook prescribed for the 5th class. And it had such a marvellous outcome that when sat for an entrance examination for the beginning level, I could easily get through. Reverent thoughts of her remained in my psyche throughout life, though I could never meet her even while living close to those pelagic areas again for a couple of years and wished to see the great lady. She was bespectacled and was in her early twenties. She might have just passed out of school, and looking for a regular job. My mother got a transfer and we moved to another part of the state. Then I got the teachers whom I cherished throughout my life. I was put in the school founded by German missionaries and the school had excellent standards. And these masters were great in their job and friendly. I adore the grand memories of those teachers like.SID, M. Thampi, N.K.and K.Paul, and U -. The last two great souls met with an untimely death. Whenever I address a meeting, (rarely happens) I remember these teachers before the event. Whenever I do so, a very special feeling passes through me. Some of these teachers are still living, and to preserve their privacy in their old age, I am using only their initials and not the full names.


  1. ashok says:

    Beautiful 🙏

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    1. azuremorn says:

      Thank you –

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      1. ashok says:

        My pleasure 😊

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