Greek Course

Maria’s Diaries – Chapter-13

The sky was mackerel. She began the Greek studies. The coach was bespectacled like a kindred she found in an Athenian jest yet brimming with perspicacity. She matched the numbers. She was the last to turn out of the course. The halls were faintly illumined and there were rich shoots outside the cross divider and the unkempt edges in addition to sloppy others alert patches. She was crouching slightly because of the long duration at the craft zone with hardly three espressos the morning. In any case, that was functionally nice with that cereals breakfast when she began from home. mummy was debilitated. So she needed to do the dishes alone. Brother was sleeping after the late movie at the drive-in. Father had just gone for office. She wore her ikat salwar and sped to the interurban terminal.

Soon she leaves. She reviews once more…alpha (Α, α), beta (Β, β), gamma (Γ, γ), delta ,deltathe fourth (Δ, δ)……….nu ,13th (Ν, ν), a consonant, transliterated as n………..

Maria partakes in a battle in a bistro. Maria was insubordinate and didn’t stand any affront. She restricted male oppressive words signals and scoffs, that made her lesser throughout everyday life. right now, was helped by her companion, and relative, Joanna. Theirs is a fascinating gemütlichkeit scholarly, perhaps. The intriguing piece of the scene is that both were dreamers, attempting to locate the everlasting merger in a momentary world…

Maria was die-hard in multiple senses and she abhorred many friendships with guys around her. Especially chaps who examined her bearing and one such person was her supervisor at the work. He took her hands and she punched him in the belly. Furthermore, it was a season of mirth and she could dispatch the chronicles of that pursuit to some other dear self in another time… Here the character welcomed her to the java house and she left with him. He was in a way in front of the power mill and Maria was excited of that character yet the person was not totally fervent on her association and he asked Maria something that she was not equipped to dispense and look, Maria blows up. Moreover, hits him on his belly, you may recall not in the least. Also, her eyes flickered all through the time of these vindictive events. After the discharge of excitement, Maria was eased. Maria herself was not cognizant and she discarded that part. In her fifth class, while studying she will visit her grandad who sojourned close to river Tisa and there was that vicinity invaded by the satinettes and her colleague will bounce at the hopping bank. The reason was something not discussed. Further, Maria knocked him firm on his cast and his frontal teeth rolled out and the kid’s parent arrived at their residence and her daddy needed to proffer coverage for the crazy exercise of his little daughter.

– (From ‘Maria’s Story’, Long fiction)

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