Young Man in a Journey

In the gallery there were four or five slaves and they were conversing with one another about the ace who was to show up that night. I conversed with one slave since he knew great English . I asked him if slavery had not gone. He told that officially it is so, but not in actual life in many places. However some masters despite everything kept slaves and besides the working condition and nation was poor.That was news to me. He uncovered to me that he didn’t turn into his very own captive with knowledge .His mom offered him to the master when he was just ten years of age. I asked him how he learned English and he revealed to me that his dad worked in espresso ranches of Europeans and knew English well and he taught the kid at home at whatever point he returned from obligation. The kid had a decent accent as well, and he further revealed to me that his dad kicked the bucket of chest contamination and after that the family got poor. His mom was wiped out as well, and after he was parted, the master provided great cash to the family for food and medication of mother. I found his sober description, Kafkaesque but did not respond quickly. Instead took time to study the subject and new environment. In life, in every second, there a surprise, may be a hidden surprise, that life offers as a present.He disclosed to me that his master is kind. This stunned me as in I had met one more youth in the course of my life who had not known his real worth. This was maybe the second or third time and I had never felt that human mind will go to such lamentable lows because of destitution or other outside explanation. Precisely thirteen years back , I had witnessed an incident of comparative nature. That late evening, I was coming from the place of my instructor, after a long meeting. My dad had by and by sent me to this educator to make me to adapt profoundly on subjects like social manners and great conduct and furthermore contemplation in light of the fact that my dad felt that these things are fundamental for a decent living. Returning to my lodging, I needed to go in a packed transport and my next seat was occupied by a youthful gentleman , smart to look at and talking great English. I was astonished by the scope of his vocabulary even in casual discussions. He conversed with a few people. My interest was incited. Since the journey was to keep going for about an hour and the transport halted at various bus stops for the travelers to get in , I thought to calm my fatigue by talking with this youngster, whom I discovered fascinating. I asked about him and he addressed that he hails from Kerala which was likewise my motherland. We communicated in Malayalam at home and other working languages outside, as indicated by the circumstance. Being my country man , my curiosity exceeded limits. I asked him about his education and qualifications. Furthermore, it astounded me to realize that he is a PhD. in English Language and Literature from one of the most prestigious institutions of the nation. I asked where he was working and he told that he is functioning as a Part- time correspondent of a night daily.This stunned me and as it were enough to blow a gasket.Such a talented youth for all intents and purposes squandering his years away…While departing, I offered him, maybe the best guidance given by me to a young man – Never sell for small things in life – I continued, except if you are into full time prayer or contemplation. I think, he paid attention to me.

— (From a work of Fiction in progress)

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