The Bodybuilder -7

The Bodybuilder -7

The bodybuilder was alone in those days. He always carted the load and climbed the hill. The hill was very steep.One day he was approached by two elderly people while looking for passengers to board.

The first one asked-

‘ Chap ken ye ferry me ov’r to the hill ?’.They were very old. The bodybuilder agreed. The old sire gave him a lot of money. The next day, the old beautiful dame approached him. “I have no money. Will you take me up to the top of the hill?”-She asked 

And the bodybuilder agreed. Truth be told, they both were angels. The angels  liked the bodybuilder. They invited him to their rest house.

They served him mămăligă and wine.

There, they both mentored him.Told the secrets and hidden nexus of life in parables. Many of the teachings were already narrated  and taught by his third- grade teacher at the Junior School.

The angels are gone. The bodybuilder has become a new man.A novel outlook. Slowly his mind changed. He still did the old things he used to do . But he did those things in a new way. Based on the narratives of the angels His sorrows quickly departed . He was even happier. He smiled often.He breathed his last one evening on the slope of the hill.

His last phase was a miracle.

Years later, that hill and that village were named after the bodybuilder.