Black Swans-8

Black Swans 

(Short Fiction) 

Section- 8

Father ,mother –


 You know, I cannot get back those old times. I can only give back a portion of the love that they gave me. In the district library Francis the librarian checks books. He knows a lot about books. Occasionally he peeps into  the street corners as if there were something. Then he comes back and engages in laughter and merrymaking and work…

It was a winding climb and I was immersed in the beauty of the landscapes. I felt tired and hungry.

I stole  some apples from the neighbouring field and ate it. A man came and asked-  ‘Who are you?’

I asked back-

‘Who are you?’

‘I am the apple field owner’, he said.

‘I am –- from the South. I was hungry  and stole a few apples from your field’. 

‘No worries- When you are damn hungry, you can eat anywhere.That is not supposed to be a theft’. 

‘What do you do?’,he asked.

I said something.

He said, ‘Come to my house.

My wife and daughter may welcome you. Moreover, my daughter studies your subject’. 

I went and was the guest of them for two weeks. 

Then, while departing, the man said.-

‘I like honest people more than smart people.I have many more apple gardens. You can look after one of them and stay with us.’

But I had other plans.

In the valley, it was snowing.  The deodars were swinging in the wind. The sky was lambent.The winds carried the smell of bitumen.